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Forensic (2020) Movie Ratings and Reviews

Forensic hindi movie ratings

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Forensic : The Science of a Crime is a malayalam language crime thriller movie. The movie is written and directed jointly by Akhil Paul and Anas Khan. The movie features Tovino Thomas, Mamta Mohandas, Reba Monica John, Renji Panicker, Shafeek Citu and Saiju Kurup in the lead roles.

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Critic Ratings

(2.25 out of 5)
Tovino Thomas-Mamtha Mohandas starrer is clever till it gets too clever by half
(3 out of 5)
A sinister thriller
(3 out of 5)
A twisted whodunnit mystery
(2.75 out of 5)
Forensic is a neatly-written procedural with fairly surprising twists and turns. A decent watch
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